Narwana Yol- Dharamshala,Distt. Kangra-176052

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 Let noble thoughts come to us from every quarter-thus spoke Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati. This dictum has been the creed of the D.A.V College Trust and Management Society and the guiding spirit behind the D.A.V Movement.
D.A.V Movement, which is more than 130 years old, entered the Public School system in early seventies and lent it respectability and dignity by infusing into it time honoured value of our rich heritage. It goes to the D.A.Vs that they are serving mankind by imparting quality education along with Vedic education. They have retained man-manking techniques of the system and rooted them in the soil of own culture and civilization and has thus evolved a system which effectively meets the national needs and aspirations. D.A.V Public Schools are models of good education of which our country can feel rightly proud. They provide a harmonious blend of western scientific knowledge and a sound grounding of Indian culttire and tradition. In the large chain of D.A.Vs this D.A.V. Sr. Sec. School is on sound footing and is coming up with flying colours.

  • To provide the best possible human and physical resources to support learning and teaching .
  • To provide protective support to individual students so that they can identify there own strength and weaknesses and to take appropriate action for development and improvement .
  • to provide personalized attention and the right support system .
  • To help develop international outlook and global vision . 
  • To facilitate all around development of the personality .
  • To develop creativity and commitment in children .
  • To enchance all - round development of the children by emphasizing personal interaction between individual student and teachers working together
  • To develop enternal moral values .

Location and building

The school is located at Narwana. It is 10 kms from Dharmshala, 12 kms from Kangra and 1 km from Yol.

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Narwana Yol - Distt. Dharamshala, Kangra - 176052
Contact No- 8219158240, 7832085220, 8219001938
E-mail : dav_narwana@yahoo.com

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