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Highest duty of Parents is to Educate their children.
Home and school are parteners in the educational process, we appeal to the parents to extend their whole hearted co-operation. Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) helps in developing healthy relations and better understanding between the parents and teachers. Parents can meet the teachers on Second Saturday of each month to discuss about the problems of their wards. They can see the principal during visiting hours or with prior appointment. Parents are required to check the school diary of their wards and meet the class teachers of know his/her progress.
In case the child does not make progress, the principal should be contacted.

For Parents
If education begins at birth, parents are definitely the child's first teachers. The two important functions of parents are to help the child become independent and to stimulate self-control in him but parents are always in a dilemma as in real life, the line between being firm and strict gets blurred. Here are a few tips that will help you to be a better parent.

1. Encourage your child to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activity and sports.
2. Always respect the unique individuality of your child. Do not make
3. Become aware of your child's developing cognitive abilities and skills, as the more you    know, the more you can encourage and stimulate these abilities.
4. A child observes the people around him very carefully. Provide a loving, nurturing and peaceful environment to him / her.
5. Give your child permission to choose his favorite food two or three times every week. Indulge him two or three times and create a healthier menu for his meals.
6.Set up situations that expose your child to different physical environment. Take him to mountains, a river bank or a village.
7. Establish non- negotiable areas. Make it clear to your child that certain actions like running into the street for a ball, taking to strangers-are forbidden.
8. Be responsive to your child's questions, no matter how silly they may seem,. His inquiries are part of his growing intiative. Don't it stifle it by ignoring his questions.
9. Treasure and value the teacher's remarks regarding your child. If you have any doubt, clarify it from the teacher concerned.
10. Pay proper attention to what your child says. If you find sudden charge in his behavior, bring it to the notice of the class-teacher.
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