DAV Sr. Sec. School
Narwana Yol- Dharamshala,Distt. Kangra-176052
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School Rules  
1. Every student is expected to abide by the school rules and code of conduct.
2. All s d is must be present for the morning Assembly. As soon as the bell must get into lines for the assembly and after prayer they shall nce to their class rooms.
3. Wearing of full school uniform daily is compulsory.
4. Every student shall have a school diary and he/she must bring it to school daily.
5. Visitors are not allowed to meet the students in school hours, Parents shall not go to the classrooms during school hours.
6. Parents can meet the class teachers and subject teachers only on Second Saturday.
7. Any student found damaging school property, shall invite severe punishment.
8. Students must keep the school premises neat and clean.
9. All students will take part in school games and other school functions unless exempted by the Principal for a particular reason or on health grounds as per doctor's advice.
10. During games period no student shall remain inside the class-rooms.
11. Without sending leave application students can't be absent from school. In case of sickness, medical-certificate should be submitted to the school.
12. Students must return the library books in time. They must take care of library books and should know that tearing pages/ photographs will invite a punishment. A fine of Re. 1/-per day will be charged for not returning the books on due date.
13. Students will normally converse in English in the school campus.
14.Students availing facility of school bus have to pay Bus-Charges along with monthly fee. Otherwise a fine of Re. 10/-will be charged.
15. Students should refrain from carrying valuables to the school such as mobile phones. I- Pods, Jewellery etc.
16. Application must be given in the school office to start or to stop bus facility.
17. Certificate of date of birth is to be shown at the time on.
18.    The school authorities reserve the right of admission.
19.    Parents must inform the school in writing if there is any change of residential address, telephone numbers etc
20.    It is responsibility of the parents to complete the written work missed due to leave or absence.